09 March 2012

2012 update / 25 things that make me happy

1. The kindness and humor of Tyson Hallock
2. Rock climbing with Jordan Harder
3. Sunny days in Walla Walla
4. Sunday brunch at Bacon&Eggs
5. Dancing with Devin
6. Summer lemonade in a mason jar
7. Pub house on a Friday night
8. The merry-go-round in my front yard
9. The Moth podcast
10. Thrift store ceramics
11. Letter press trends I'll never get over
12. Sitting in a tree house, my feet dangling over the edge
13. Playing the uke
14. Irreverent graffiti
15. 826 Valencia, San Francisco, pirate retail
16. DIY pinterest tutorials
17. Everything made of old maps
18. Scramble via the iphone
19. The protectiveness of Benny J
20. Borsch
21. Up-cycled clothing
22. Affordable vintage finds
23. The Kennedy school theater
24. Vinyl record collecting
25. Mismatched print fabric

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