26 November 2012

To be honest, these days, I'm feeling a bit lost.

I keep reading quotes I want so badly to believe: that life can be an adventure if you choose to make it that way. That happiness and contentment are a choice.

And I have lots of reasons to be thankful.

As of today: November 26, 2012 = I still have a full-time job.
I have a few friends around, even though it might be sparser than in the past, or when I was in college.

But most things I want to be thriving in as of late, have been feeling a bit like they are falling apart. And some days it's a bit discouraging.

Just trying to pray, and breathe, as much as possible.


Kati said...

Trina this speaks to me. Quotes can make you feel like your life is so boring or not what you want it to be. But when you just look around you can find things that you are so lucky for. Just stopping, breathing and appreciating. Good post.

Carley Brown said...

I think no matter how fulfilling we wish life to be, it will never meet our expectations..... because there's heaven.

Love your honesty and I still think your the coolest.


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