03 April 2013

I don't blog anymore.

Reasons for that include:
1) I've become much more enamored with spending my time with sites like Tumblr and Pinterest, and I love things like recipes, DIY house tips, gifs, and cheesy memes. Gifs of Leslie Knope and dancing cats consume my head much more these days than thoughtful blog posts.
2) I also became much more enamored with instagram, and being a designer and visual person, I found it much more interesting to show people my life with a fancy filter rather than clumsily write about it. It's also faster.
3) My blogs are boring, and are usually posted when I'm sad, and usually contain information that is far too personal to be on the interweb. Ask Emily Wilkens. I've definitely gotten in my fair share of trouble from blogging with honesty.

Things that are new in my life that are considered fairly blog-worthy:
1) I moved to Portland! A few days ago. I finally live in the same damn town as my long-term boyfriend. We finally can have a "normal" relationship. How awesome and terrifying, right? I'm pretty sure I'm madly in love with him, so I think things will/could be alright.
2) I moved in to the upstairs of a house on 16th st, which is in one of my favorite places on earth: Alberta Arts District. Hopefully I won't spend too much money on the awesome coffee shops, boutiques, and great restaurants far too close to me now.
3) I got a new job about a month ago. I make infographics for living for a company based out of Tucson, AZ, but I work remotely on a project basis. So I can live wherever I want, and make my own hours.  I'm living the life, right? Well.... yes and no. Working from home is awesome in the grand scheme of things. I could go home for a week and never technically have to "take vacation". The CEO of my company told me that a few of their employees work full-time during their year long trip to South America! I can take a long weekend whenever I please. I never set my alarm, and don't have to wear a bra to work ever again! BUT, the downside is I'm not great at being disciplined. Once, I worked a shift from 11pm-3am. I dilly-dally a lot in my house and watch a lot of TV and play Candy Crush in my bed. I'm working on getting a better schedule down. BUT, the main plus is that my job is WONDERFUL, in terms of what I am able to produce and the creativity I'm able to expend. I'm an illustrator, folks! And I'm not that bad at it! Here's a random project I made last week: http://trinayeo.tumblr.com/image/47003191083
3) One of my best friends is getting married and I'm honored to be a part of it, which is also a wonderful excuse to take a trip with Tyson, see my family, and rock climb in Yosemite, CA

That is all.


EMILY STAR said...

Haha, I'm still here to read your blog and dial your phone frantically if its too open haha! Love the infographcis Trina! So you! I need to get up there and visit all you portlandy people and visit some of those coffee shops/cafes in your area. :)

Kati said...

I think we have all had post that are sharing too much. It's those blogs that make us real, and thankful for friends like Emily who tell us when maybe it's too much!
So excited for you new adventures and slightly jealous that you live in Portland:) 29

Carley Brown said...

I still stop by your blog....just to check :) and it's always worth it.


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